Online counseling
Communicate with our therapists anonymously online

Online counseling is as easy to use as an ordinary email service but the messages are sent via a secure connection. You can write about anything that worries you, or anything that you want to discuss anonymously. In working days you will always receive the answer within 24 hours. Besides web counseling, our services include telephone counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatry in our psychotherapy center in Helsinki.
Mental health, anxiety, exhaution

Online counseling

In order to write a message, you need a voucher, which you can buy from our web shop. On each voucher you find a unique service key that allows you to enter the conseling service. In our web shop you can pay with netbank codes of any Finnish netbank, or by credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron.

You can write about anything you want. Our online counseling service gives support in problems related to personal relationships, depression, stress handling, anxiety, child rearing, eating disorders and many other types of difficult life situations.

One voucher (59 €) entitles you to send three messages to a therapist. You will receive a personal answer to each message. One message may include several questions. Anything you will tell in your message stays between you and your therapist. The person answering your question does not have access to your personal information unless you reveal it yourself.

How to access the online counseling service

Who answers the questions?

Each question is answered by one of our psychotherapist. Our therapists have a broad work experience from social and health care field. The person who answers the question signs the answer with his/her qualification and education.

Is the service safe to use?

Yes, the level of the data security is considerably better compared to ordinary e-mail or chat. The exchange of information between customer and server is encrypted and our server is thoroughly protected. The user is not identified, the questions are asked anonymously.

What can I ask about?

No question is too insignificant to be asked if it occupies you mind. As our psychotherapist have diverse work backgrouns in social and health care you can ask anything about family life, working life or personal matters.

Can I ask about many things?

Yes, you can. One voucher entitles you to posting several messages. In one message you can ask several questions. Frequently the psychotherapist asks you additional question based on your first message.

Why do you need to my know age and gender?

When registering for the service you are requested to enter information about your age and gender group. This information helps the psychotherapist to understand your situation better and to give a more qualified answer.

Who is produces the service?

The service is developed and produced in co-operation between Mental Capital Care Ltd, Väestöliitto ry och 15 Finnish municipalities.

Whom do i contact in case of technical problems?

The online counseling service is easy to use. If you still encounter technical difficulties, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone 044 4141 000.

How do you ensure the quality of the service?

The psychoterapists answering the questions takes part of regular occupational counseling, focused on developing the capacity of giving help and support online. All customers are asked to evaluate the answers they receive on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. The avarage score has been 4,2 stars.